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EAS Security System
Article Surveillance Systems consist of various types of devices to prevent stealing of objects from the large shopping complexes and stores. They are provided with an electronic panels through which signals travels back and forth between the receiver and transmitter which sounds alarm when smart tag comes close the gates.
Barcode Roll
Barcode Rolls are the long and thin strips of self-adhesive stickers on which the unique codes are printed that contains the information about the products. We offer various different sizes of such rolls as per the length, width and the core diameter.
Billing Machine
Billing Machines are the light weight handheld electronic equipments that are used for the printing of the bill receipts. They are available in different types and sizes that can be classified as per the specifications.
Garment Security Tag
Garment Security Tags are the small components that can be attached on the items like shoes, clothing and various other products to protect them from stealing. These are provided with an electronic circuitry and an antenna which can be detected with the surveillance system. 
Handheld Label Applicator
Handheld Label Applicator are the light weight devices that are used for pasting of the adhesive labels on the products and carton boxes. They are manufactured with best grade of plastic to which gives a smooth touch and results in rigid construction.
ID Card Printer
ID card printers are the devices that are used for the printing of soft polyvinyl chloride cards such as drivers license, credit cards, and IDs for offices, schools and universities. They are fast and precise in operation to give a high class clear and bright print.
Innoseal Machine
Innoseal machines are the manual devices that are used to provide an air tight seal around the packages of bakery like bread or buns and various other items like fruits and nuts.
Tag Detacher
Tag Detachers are the small and compact devices that are widely used in billing counters for detaching and to deactivate the smart tags after the complete payment of the order.
POS Machine
POS Machines are the devices that are used in commercial places and stores like restaurants, cinema, shopping malls and many other places for the billing and placing the order. These equipments also facilitates the user to get information like total amount, number of items, etc.
Barcode Ribbon
Barcode Ribbons are the thin strips that are used in inkjet printers for transferring of the inks to the adhesive sheets that are made up of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate andpolyvinyl chloride.
Rfid System
RFID Systems are the high performance and sensitive systems that are used for the detection of objects that are equipped with a smart tag which consist of an integrated circuit and an antenna to transmit which is then detected by a device known as reader capture data and to collects information about product. 

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